Our vision

We aspire to create a

world where research results are accesible for everyone by an universal deep learning medical network. 

Our mission

We strive to develop

advanced technologies for the purpose of bringing disease solutions fast, uncomplicated and tailored for individual needs to the patients.

The combination of one of the leading pathology scientists and next generation digital technologies is powerful

Our story

Cancer is maybe the number one enemy of our society. While we foresee a 60 percent increase in cancer cases within the next decades, the research speed is evolving not at the same pace. Since 1995 only 118 of 1315 drugs made it to the patients. In the meantime we observe a decrease in the number of pathologists.

Popped up as an idea of experts in pathology, research, artificial intelligence and business development, nemene© was created to focus global capabilities for one purpose: Making people live longer by

• Faster identification of drug substances
• Revival of fallen angels
• Digital diagnostics led by human supported by KIs

A team of front-runners and experienced entrepreneurs with a strong scientific baseline


Chief Executive Officer

Digital strategy and business development leader with experience on enabling intelligent industries by innovative business models and operating models.


Chief Technology Officer

Artificial Intelligence leader, university lecturer and owner of multiple technology companies with expertise on data driven organizations.

Dr. Reinhard

Chief Business Officer

Business development leader with more than 20 years of experience in the commercialization of digital business models, highly connected across several industries.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes

Chief Medical Advisor

Scientific chair of the EORTC Pathobiology Group, director and professor of Pathology with more than 15 years of eIF biomarker research experience with patented eIF solutions and a broad international research network.

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