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We are committed to bring research results with next generation techniques immediately to the patients:

I know that eIFs as biomarkers are game changers for medicine, AI is the accelerator. Since more than 15 years, we use biomarker strategies in clinical trials with international collaborators. With our results on prognostic, predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets we are well positioned to win the fight against fast evolving disease mutations.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes

Chief Medical Advisor
Our research focuses on our societies unsolved problems

Our scientists are aware about the urgency of getting solutions fast and reliable to patients. With our broad expertise on COVID mutations and cancer indications we evolve towards a neuronal medical network of solutions for further diseases.

At the core, we are enabled by our laboratory.

We use nemene research centers to connect the medical, academical, industrial and open source network for one purpose: To accelerate scientific progress by working collaboratively on disease mutations by using the most advanced AI technologies.

We are leading the eIF research possibilities.

We know that eIFs and eEFs represent crossroads in the development of different disease types and therefore serve as potential biomarkers. For over a decade, we have been researching the role of all currently known eIFs and eEFs in different disease entities. Experimentally, we have demonstrated the causal contribution of eIFs in the pathogenesis of various diseases.

Our pipeline

Patented pipeline based on eIFs
14 further eIF disclosures for cancer indications in the pipeline
We advance our pipeline with the use of AI technologies to bring results directly wherever it is needed
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