For Research Institutes

AI research platform

Predicting biomarker connections

eIF Mining is the nemene© research approach to identify interdependencies between biomarkers and diseases in order to develop drugs.

Your benefits

• Usage of proven AI tools to boost your research activities
• Open innovation platform to exchange with leading scientists on unsolved problems
• Collaboration on purpose to transfer results directly to patient needs

For Pharma companies

AI drug research

Identification and reasoning of biomarkers for clinical

We use novel AI technologies to predict out of the nemene data model effective eIF combinations with tumor or viral infection types. This results in a new drug development for patient needs or a re-purposing of existing drugs.

Your benefits

• Reduction of the the drug development cycle by up to 60%
• High impact on R&D costs
• Accelerated time-to-market
• Increased visibility on clinical trials via the nemene platform
• Access to latest cancer research publications

For Pathologists & AI Developers

nemene© marketplace

Global connection of diagnostic intelligence

nemene marketplace provides a unique platform to pathologists and AI Developers for cancer diagnostics.
Each certified pathologist or FDA certified AI engine can participate to place and/or accept diagnostic requests via the nemene platform.

Your benefits

• Acceleration of diagnostic services for patients
• Quality increase of of diagnostics by usage of an AI supported quality gate
• Cost-effectiveness and scalability

For Patients

nemene© marketplace

Prediction of individual reactions to diseases

Our scientist team is working on individual solutions for patients to identify their affinity to diseases and their individual reaction level to pathogens. Currently, we are working on the launch of our solution for COVID-19 and its mutations.

Your benefits

• Self-assessment on diseases
• Risk mitigation and avoidance
• Early adoption of preventive measures

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