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At nemene, we aspire to bring a solution for individual patient needs with the world’s first biomarker based lab-on-the-chip diagnostic approach


Receive fast, reliable, and individual treatment plans.
Enable therapies to treat individual patient needs in a more effective way.
Bring research results directly to industrial application and where it is needed at most, to the patient.

Defeating diseases on molecular level by combining medical research and artificial intelligence

Helping patients to receive their individual treatment plan based on fast and precise diagnostics

We Partner with BOSCH Healthcare Solutions to Work on the Future of Diagnostics Technologies
  • BHCS Vivalytic the unique platform for molecular diagnostics
  • Devices and PCR-testing cartridges have been already in the market since 2020
  • PCR-testing cartridge with the nemene severity functionality extends the existing solution

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The nemene© product innovation process starts in our human cells, with deep understanding of their structure and functional behaviour.

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The nemene© team is driven by pathology and technology leaders.

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