About us


We aspire to find an answer for the fundamental needs of patients with hard to treat diseases:

  • What if we could detect cancer in human cells before any symptoms occur ?
  • What if we could predict the progression of any disease in the world on individual human body ?
  • What if diagnosis of hard to treat diseases, .like cancer, is as simple as a PCR test ?


We strive to bring medical results directly to the service of the patient by utilizing advanced technologies and leading medical science research within biomarkers.

We Are Supported by the World’s Leading Companies and an Experienced Leadership Team

The nemene founders’ unprecedented dedication on the success of biomarkers as main differentiator in medical science is the main driving factor for an innovative step change in medical diagnostics. Our team combines medical science leadership, state-of the art technology with high industrial expertise.

 Our leadership team

Michael Blickle
Chief Executive Officer / Investor & Partner Relation Management

Prof.Dr.Dr. Johannes Haeybäck
Principal Scientist / Medical Research Advisory

Herbert Pataky
Co-Founder / Technology Advisory

Dr. Reinhard Winkler
Co-Founder / Strategic Advisory

Murat Usta
Co-Founder / Transformation Advisory

Our Partners