Our Solutions

At nemene we resemble the strength of molecular biology with the purpose to have the patients benefitting from the latest scientific programs.


Nemene scientists have the unique advantage of being one of the few ones in the world knowing how biomarkers are helping to derive individual health care plans for patients. Based on a fundamental scientific approach our scientists create fast indications.


With our biomarker mining approach, we apply generative artificial intelligence discovery technology on scientific processes to decrypt the human biomarker cell expression ranges on hard to treat diseases.

Step 3: Medical Validation & Patenting

Once the expression values are validated by our scientists, the preparation for clinical use starts. This approach is up to 90% faster than classical medical research.

Step 4: Assay Development & Industrialization

The findings are build up on a lab on the chip using a bead to identify the biomarker profiles. The beads are reacting within the polymerase chain reaction and deliver a result concerning of the outcome of the disease.
This is comparable to the PCR – COVID testing method, but the nemene solution is also prognosticating the severity of the disease within individual human body.

The medical fundament and experience to be successful with biomarkers has been created over decades by our scientific team led by Prof.Dr.Dr. Johannes Haeybäck. Now, it is time to combine experience and medical baseline with state-of-the Art technology.